All the Single Ladies: Your Life is your choice not a compulsion!!

Breaking the formula of any cliché image that we have in the society, has become the need of the hour. One such stereotyped thinking is that a girl must get married as soon as possible if she wants respect and a life-long security. No matter how successful she is professionally, she has to face this question from her so called well-wishers “When will you settle down?” means when she will get married and have children. According to the self-declared wise people of the society, women are the ones who yearn for marriage, dream of a handsome prince who will come and save them from the clutches of the worldly monster otherwise they will be devastated if it doesn’t happen. On the other hand, men are presumed to give importance to their freedom and they are dedicated towards other goals of their lives.

But the time has come to defy this old and prejudiced belief. It is said that “women with higher IQs have a harder time finding a mate. Intelligent women would rather remain single than be with a wrong person.” So, being single is not a status, compromise or escapism and lamenting the emptiness of life. Actually, it can be a new amazing fairy tale where the princess is not dependent on anyone to be rescued.

According to the recent survey, more than 70 percent of single people said that they had made a conscious decision to stay single for a period of time so they could focus on other things in their life. What were those other things? They were the women, more often than the men, who said that they wanted to stay single for a while so they could focus on studying or getting their degree. So, what are the other reasons that are helping women to be more decisive in taking the most crucial decision of their lives?

  • Modern women have become more independent. Women are realizing the importance of education and getting financially independent. They can contribute equally to the overall nurturing of the family.
  • Modern women have realized the value of their freedom and time. It is believed that sense of freedom shapes up one’s personality. Earlier, women had been told or taught about the boundaries or social limits which they needed to take care of all through their lives but now, women are completely aware that the definition of freedom requires mending. Of course, it doesn’t mean one gets the right to put the honor, trust, and love of the parents at stake but a person should be free to decide how to laugh, dress and live including what to be.
  • Modern women are enhancing emotional intelligence. Women have started perceiving and expressing themselves more assertively. Being emotionally dependent on anyone can fog the will to fight and augment the state of indecisiveness. Moreover, people have started looking for alternative relationships as well because the main idea or motivation behind getting into a relationship has always been to better ones’ life, to receive affectionate warmth and strong support which will help to fight with all the adversities. Unfortunately, in search of supposed to be a “true love”, people get trapped into a toxic relationship and fail to get out of it. In today’s scenario, women decide with confidence and deny being with someone who doesn’t appreciate them for being who they are, who instead of being their reason of happiness becomes a dominating entity point at what to do and what not to do.

Being unmarried doesn’t mean living a sad, treacherous and lonely life. Modern women are taking time to find a suitable and compatible life partner or on the other hand deciding not to get married because they are having many other choices to embrace. They aren’t ready to settle for less and why should they? They have received immense love and care from their parents, they have worked hard to accomplish great in their lives and if at the end, they surrender by marrying the wrong person just because the society wants them to do so then everything will go in vain. Women are exuberant to create and embolden their own identities. It is not like they don’t want to take the responsibility of a family, in-laws and others …. yes, they always do but not at the cost of losing their own existence. They are not ready to fade away by playing miscellaneous roles that aren’t given much attention to and as a result are taken for granted. So, they decide to build their own world that they expected from their “Man”; loving themselves by being a lover without a lover and belonging deeply to themselves.

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