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Job Switch – What is holding us?

There are moments we find ourselves entangled in the web of possibilities for a job change. For some, it is the flourishing way of career progression while for others it might be a cut throat necessity! Jobs being the right fit at right time definitely demands a lot of efforts and wise decisions in order to acquire desired goals. Indeed, if you are reading this blog, you will be able to reach the decisive point to see what comes next. You are not satisfied with ongoing job due to factors like uncertainty of future growth, work culture, job dissatisfaction etc.

But taking this decision isn’t easy. We have to face ourselves, our families, and then this world, the dynamic job world and its expectations from us.

Factors which pull down our instincts for a job switch can be many! Over time, we acclimatise ourselves with a very comfortable position at our professions, well aware of consequences of each action, upcoming demands of the profile, easy going and settled routines etc. This situation cannot be better if we are completely satisfied with our financial stability. Many a times “Job Satisfaction” can be just our perspective towards ongoing things, and by changing our mental attitude towards our surroundings can change our entire lives.

But Folks …Beware! If we begin to prioritize our comfort zone over our financial requirements, or if we are continuing the same just because we are insecure…it’s D-Time to RETHINK.

There are many reasons why we want to linger on our current jobs in spite of the fact that we are unclear about growth in the same:

  1. Comfort Zones

We have cocooned ourselves in the easy comfort zones at our current organisations, where we know in and out of the system; are confident of meeting the expectations demanded out of our assigned duties. We do not have to strive for anything, and to be specific, we even ignore our criticism sometimes, just because we are blinded by this veil of convenience. We are either too lazy or too frightened to disrupt this imaginary fort of ours. We simply feel repulsive to the thought of upsetting the fixed routine and ongoing life.

But if we wish for overall growth, may it be career, personality, perspective, financial, emotional etc., we need to start thinking of the means and ways of getting a secure career path by upgrading ourselves by developing robust personality to face the upcoming challenges.  We need to come out of our shells and face the world. We need to CONNECT to numerous people for giving our career a good direction. We need to be Proactive, Communicative and Vigilant not to miss any promising opportunity for us.

2. Insecurity from Dynamics :

We all put in lot of efforts in making ourselves worth of recognition at our current jobs. Many times, the thought of hunting for a new job brings us into the state of doldrums as it would be starting our journey altogether in a new direction, towards a new goal. We feel unconfident of facing the first time challenges at new positions and new roles. This is the Fear of the Unknown…How, What , When….????

If you have potential, and if you are skilled, there is no such situation which shall push you backwards. By ensuring your best, put efforts in any job role you take, and you will invite the same attention and recognition, may be better than before. It is often said and believed that it is your outputs and contributions that matters, and NOT YOU in any Organisation. And your outputs would be an outcome of your skills and knowledge.

3. Fear ameliorates with Self-Doubt

Fear is an entity linked to us by our own subconscious mind, which tells us somehow that what we actually are capable of. If we have not worked upon our own growth and skills since years being in the comfort zone of ongoing job, we know it in our hearts that we won’t be able to face the competition out there! We fear because of our own incapability, self-doubt about not fulfilling the expectations of new people. There is a huge fear which surrounds us all the time.

But dear friends!! if you actually relate to this point, you need to start working on your skills for your own growth right away! Else forget about the new switch, in coming years, sustaining the current job would also be a herculean challenge for you.

If you relate to some of these points which come to your mind whenever you think of a job change, YOU NEED TO EVALUATE YOURSELF AND YOUR SKILLS FIRST. Few questions you have to answer for your own self are:

  • Are you up skilling yourself with passing time to adapt to this ever changing and dynamic job world?
  • Do you see any opportunity waiting for you, just right suited for your financial and personal requirements?
  • Do you have some sort of certainty of getting other job or seeing other opportunities in case you leave the current job?
  • Are you confident enough to adjust to the new job role demands and are you prepared to take it up?

If you have YES in the answers, you are ready for a Job Move. But if the answer is NO, you need to work hard ON YOURSELF and YOUR SKILLS  so that you can be prepared for the upcoming competitions and challenges.

All the Best!


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