Online Counselling

Online Counselling – Need of the Hour

Online Counselling – Need of the Hour

The world is going digital, and so is the Counselling. Once termed as alternative therapy is now becoming the need of the hour to provide easily accessible and affordable professional help to those who are seeking it without the need of disclosing their identity.  Online Counselling is emerging as a readily available solution without the need to invest time in commutation, and reaching out to the best expert according to one’s preference across any physical barriers. Digitisation has connected the world in many ways, and online counselling is leveraging the benefit of this connection. There are many evident reasons for going for online counselling.


Online Counselling is a very convenient way to get the professional counselling or guidance just by sitting at home and connecting digitally. Clients can avail this facility from their own comfort zone which gives them a protective feeling, and they can discuss their problems more easily without hesitation. Appointments can be booked according to the available slots of the experts and waiting time reduces.




Online Counselling is a boon for the remote areas from where the people seeking professional help cannot travel very easily. Counselling is thing which is not on priority for a common man, who fails to understand its importance the life changing advices which can help them in making their lives better. Due to physical connectivity issues these needs are discarded and given least importance; and people end up in struggling themselves with their own challenges. Online counselling plays a very crucial and important role in such circumstances, when the clients can reach out to the best of the experts from entire world merely through their smart phones.  



This mode of online counselling or therapy is proving affordable to both clients and the counsellors in many ways. Clients do not have to travel to meet the experts. Online Counselling is a growing business, and hence rates offered for seeking appointments and meeting experts has to be competitive. On the other hand, online counselling has also made things easy and affordable for counsellors and experts. They do not have to establish their professional offices and this also cuts down the requirement of support staff, and reduces the commutation, administrative, capital and overhead costs. They do not have to invest in purchasing or renting a property for their business.

Time saving

Searching an expert in approachable area, seeking the appointment by visiting the offices, scheduling the meeting and to visit for the final meeting ! All of this process is now just a click away through the growing culture of online counselling. This online mode has indeed become a medium to quickly search an appropriate counsellor suiting to individual’s requirement, book appointments and attend the scheduled meets at their own convenience. No more travelling, no more waiting in the lounge and no more requirement of sparing out an entire day or taking off from work to see the counsellor. Everything is mange able along with your own schedule and commitments.  



Online counselling has helped the counsellors become more reachable and available as compared to the traditional counselling. This digital mode of counselling has reduced the physical global barriers to zero, assuring that individual from any part of the world has an access to reach out to the best of the counsellors and counselling services offered in any other corner of this globe.  



A general tendency of relatives and parents is to refer a known or family counsellor to the kids and people who are looking for a professional help. Due to such familiar connections, there remains a hesitation barrier, a thin line which is difficult to overcome while discussing the issues and challenges with the counsellor who9 is known to our family. Many time individuals and professionals seeking guidance from counsellors do not want to disclose their identity due to underlying fear of ruining our professional confident image. We do not want people to know that we are seeking help and we want to portray ourselves robust and string enough to face and deal with our life challenges. In such circumstances, online counselling with a counsellor who is not a common connection amongst the friends and family can surely help us deal this difficult situation very easily.     


Pondering over the above points, online counselling has indeed come up with many benefits to save our money and time, and being more reachable, accessible and helps us prevent our identity if we wish. Although as every coin has two sides, there are few challenges associated with the online therapy too. Most important of them being that the online therapy cannot replace traditional therapy in acute attention cases, where the client is seeking immediate clinical and professional attention.


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