What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling online is the process of providing assistance to an individual to attain the understanding of one’s own self by getting a clear picture of their interests, strengths, weaknesses, skills etc. so that they can take firm decisions related to their career and education plans. Career counselling also resolves the conflict between parents and children in case both have different views and are unaware of the concept of creation of effective career maps.

Why is Career Planning and Counselling Important? Does Career Counselling make a difference?

Career counselling and guidance are extremely important because they help the students in deciding their careers. In the present scenario, Students seem to be very confused and are under great pressure in making decisions related to their career. Career Counselling is the ray of hope for all such confused minds who get motivated after receiving counselling from the expert career analysts.

Career Counselling for students does make a lot of difference because it gives a direction to all the lost minds. It provides guidance to the students as well as the parents so that they can see the bigger picture and take decisions considering the best option available.

What information does Career Counselling provide?

Best career counselling provides the information related to the plethora of career options present currently, expert resources, techniques to gain confidence and insight, behavioural patterns, possibilities of career frustration and ways to overcome them, techniques to build on the strengths and work on the weaknesses, resume presentation and employability enhancement etc.

How can CuroMinds experts help with Career Guidance?

The experts of Curominds develop a therapeutic relationship with the students, help them in defining their goals, creating room for self-exploration, understanding the job market, and help them to see the positive aspects of their lives by analysing all the possibilities. Curominds makes sure that students seeking career counselling online must get their answers and feel completely satisfied after the session.

What is the role of parents in the career decision making process of their children?

Parents play a key role and leave a major impact on their child’s career development and career decision making. All that they want is to see their child happy and successful but sometimes due to communication gap and over expectations, parents start forcing their opinions on their child that leads to confusion and chaos. Children who get support and love from their parents tend to be more confident about their ability to research careers and choose the best one for themselves.

Are your Counsellors professionally skilled?

Curominds has the pool of career experts who are skilled and experienced in their fields. It doesn’t compromise with the quality at all. The experts have the vast knowledge of the industry requirements and upcoming challenges as well as the opportunities. They skillfully and empathetically guide the students and provide them with an ideal career road map for accuracy and clarity.

What do I hope to get out of my appointment with the career counsellor?

Curominds assures complete satisfaction at the end of the counselling session. Whatever your confusions are related to career choice, self, skills, abilities etc., all can be resolved at one place. There can be a possibility that you need emotional counselling along with career counselling but you don’t realise that. Curominds can provide emotional counselling too so that you attain positivity and self-confidence to face any situation.

What is Professional Counselling?

Professional counselling targets the client’s specific problem related to their workplace. It helps people who are already employed but facing challenges in augmenting the work efficiency, getting promotions and increments, feeling a sense of satisfaction while doing the job etc. Professional Counselling also provides emotional support and assistance to the clients who are looking for work-life balance. They seem to be busy but aren’t productive; for them professional counselling services becomes necessary.

What is Emotional Counselling?

Emotional counselling helps those who are going through emotional turmoil in their lives due to some recent crisis, persistent unhappiness, depression, relationship issues etc. Emotional counselling near me provides a cordial environment to the clients so that they can share their problems without being conscious and start working on their self-esteem and emotional intelligence. They are brought to a wholeness of mind, body and spirit by working on their emotions rather than the mind.