Professional Counselling

The reasons can be related to professional and personal issues but it becomes important for the employee to take professional counselling services to allay the pain of ineffectiveness.
Professional Counselling Services– An Example of Solving Ideas

Low Motivation & Job Dissatisfaction

It takes place when an employee doesn’t feel happy and satisfied in their job. The reasons can be related to professional and personal issues but it becomes important for the employee to take professional counselling services to allay the pain of ineffectiveness. Working People have expectations of what their job should be like.

  • Crucial Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction are:
  • Lack of Motivation & Appreciation
  • Being Underpaid
  • Biased Management
  • Lack of Training Programs
  • Lack of Career counselling Jaipur Growth Options
  • Work-Life Imbalance
  • Workplace Relationships.

Work-Life Balance

In this fast-paced and erratic corporate world, maintaining a work-life balance is a herculean task. Due to technology and social media, people have got engrossed in their work and fail to separate work from their personal lives. Spending quality time with family has been replaced by checking emails every time, taking business calls at the dinner table and working on the laptops on weekends.

Important reasons which create work-life imbalance are:

  • Less salary, More expenses.
  • Increased responsibilities.
  • Working longer hours.


Workplace harassment is quite prevalent but unfortunately, not spoken openly resulting in a toxic and abusive work environment. Infact, many people don’t realise that they are being harassed by their co-workers and seniors. The organization must realise that such a disturbing and uncomfortable workplace can affect its productivity and reputation in the business world.

The main reasons behind Workplace harassment are:

  • Skilled Workers become the targets.
  • Well-liked employees become the targets.
  • Vulnerable Non-Assertive people become the targets.
  • Female employees become the targets.

Time Management

Time is considered to be one of the valuable assets of an organization and poor time management can damage the company’s goodwill and destroy its outputs. If the employees aren’t following the rules leading to an accurate and productive time management system, then professional counselling services in jaipur is needed for them to get proper direction. There can be many factors behind time mismanagement.

Important reasons resulting in Poor Time Management are:

  • Poor Planning Skills
  • Faulty setting of Priorities
  • Unclear Goals
  • Consistent Procrastination
  • Remaining Demotivated

Performance Pressure/Issues

Performance pressure originates from intense work demands and constant pressure on the employees who aren’t very sure about their skills and abilities. The workplace challenges demanding productive outcomes can be harmful to the workers who start to give up on themselves without even trying.

Major factors which create performance pressure and issues are:

  • Job Insecurity
  • Work Overload & Underload
  • Lack of proper training
  • Managerial skills
  • New Technologies
  • Organizational Changes
  • Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Lack of Feedbacks
  • Multiple activities at same time

Communication Problems

Communication at the workplace means the exchange of information may it be upward, downward, horizontal, diagonal within an organization and it has to be clear, concise, concrete and courteous to assure effectiveness and productivity. The great and successful interpersonal communication between the employees and the employers leads to smooth workflow and attainment of desired results.

The major reasons for Communication Failure in an organization are:

  • Poor Leadership
  • Psychological Barrier
  • Physical Barrier
  • Socio-Cultural Barrier
  • Organization Structure Barrier
  • Personal Issues of Employees and Employers

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