Career Counselling For Class 8th, 9th & 10th

Subject choices after X Standard lays the foundation stone of a Career. If done correctly and cautiously, it can pave a way to a successful career.

What Is Your Choice? Are You Confused?
“You Are Not Choosing A Stream; You Are Laying The Foundation Of Your Career!”

Subject choices after X Standard lays the foundation stone of a Career. If done correctly and cautiously, it can pave a way to a successful career. Right Subject choices leads to right education path to make a successful career .

Curominds offers Career Counselling for students of class 8th, 9th and 10th with its highly effective and scientific Psychometric test to bring complete clarity in hearts and minds of students. By this method, the child not only gets complete career counselling, but also a deep insight of his own personality and interests which are major factors which needs to be aligned with the Career choices. Curominds assures the best career counselling for students of classes 8th, 9th and 10th, and brings a positive change in the students’ mindset who are clueless about the best subject selection and career planning.

Amidst so many Career options, scientific tools like the multi dimensional  psychometric assessment help us to understand the exact parameters which are helpful to build a successful career.

We Help You To Know Yourself Better, By Diving In Deep To Explore What You Are Best At!

How do we Help You figure out the BEST for you?

  •  Analysis and Clarity on Subject Selection
  •  Detailed insight of Personality
  •  Know your Learning Styles, Skills & Abilities
  •  Know your Core interests
  •  Deep insight into Suitable Careers
  •  Aligning Education Roadmap with Recommended Career

Analysis and Clarity on Subject Selection:

  • Clarity in best-fit subjects based on individual’s personality and interests
  • Deep insights into career options for recommended subjects
  • Assistance in decision-making from experts through best Career Counselling online

Detailed insight of Personality

  • Taking the time to ensure that your personality is compatible with your career choice is extremely important.
  • If you do not invest the time now to figure out what makes you happy and keeps you motivated every day, you could be very unhappy in the future.
  • Learning about your personality allows you to think about your emotions, behaviors, and ways of thinking on a day to day basis.

Know your Learning Styles, Skills & Abilities

  • We make you aware of your Learning styles and give you necessary strategies and recommendations for improving them (if needed) to score high
  • We measure lots of skills and abilities which help you in one way or other to find a suitable career match

Identify Yourself as the Learner:

  • The Linguistic Learner
  • The Kinesthetic Learner
  • The Visual or Spatial Learner
  • The Logical or Mathematical Learner

Know your Core interests

  • Aligning your career with your interests presents several benefits like
  • Job satisfaction: When you align your career with your interests, you essentially increase your job satisfaction.
  • Strategic career decision: Aligning your career with your interests also means you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time following the wrong career path.
  • Career success: Aligning your career with your interests also increases your chances of achieving success in your career.
  • Motivation: When you feel like you’re doing a job you’re good at, you may put more effort into developing your skills.
  • Personal identity: On a personal level, knowing your career interests can help you become more self-aware and may help you determine your values, strengths and where your motivation lies.

Deep insight into Suitable Careers right away!

  • Know your top career matches
  • The programs you want to pursue
  • Potential job titles and salaries
  • Job market demand for these positions

Aligning Education Roadmap with Recommended Career

  • We help you in filtering out unnecessary options that are the least likely to benefit your career and keep only those in front of you that respond well to your interest and aptitude.
  • We help to identify both your strengths as well as your interest areas which you might not be aware of, to help you make the right choice.
  • Our career counselling opens doors to many unknown career options that you might have never come across but can be the best match for you.

Find Out The Most Suitable Subject Choices And Career Path And Get An Execution Plan In Just 45 Minutes.

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