Career Counsellor | Academician

Career Counselling | Science | Humanities
Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Experience: 20 years
Sectors: Academics. Administration, Science & Humanities


Leadership, Science, Career Counseling & Research

Area of Counseling:

  • Career Counseling for deciding and progressing ahead in career, especially in the field of Science.
  • Expert Consultancy for choosing a career in the field of research
  • Professional Counseling to deal with workplace challenges, career hurdles
  • Emotional Counselling for Confidence/Self Esteem Building, Stress Management etc.

Career Journey:

  • Dean, School of Science & Humanities, PU
  • Member of Professional Society IYNS
  • Member of Academic Council, PU
  • Expert Advisor in the subjects like Synthetic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry etc.