Make in India, an initiative taken by the Government of India, has been inspiring so many innovative minds to come up with their ideas and make valuable contributions towards the motto of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”.  People who want to start their own business face the following challenges:

  • Idea generation of a great and unique product or service.
  • Designing a strong vision and mission plan for that business.
  • Having sufficient capital and investment plans.
  • Hiring efficient and productive employees.
  • Revenue generation and maintenance plan.
  • Fluctuating working hours.
  • Displaying patience and optimism while taking risks.

Any start-up requires marking-up the base and customers for an effective result and working to achieve all these is a herculean task. Generally, any start-up fails due to various reasons may it be lack of awareness about the market needs to lack of knowledge about the assistance guidelines offered by the government.

Start-Up Guidance at Curominds provides a cordial environment for the client and helps them to see their dreams transforming into reality.  The support which will be provided by the experts would be: