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Does Online Counselling Help Mental Health?

Mental health is well being of a person’s emotions, behavioural and cognitive nature. If a person is taking care of his mental health, it doesn’t mean that he is suffering from some mental disorder. In India, people think people are suffering from some disease if they consult a specialist or take counselling. But we need to stop this right away to make it normal.

In this fast-moving world, where people have started making their own world on the social media platform, and isolating themselves from the real world. Stress and emotional anxiety are increasing among youth and adults. Even people are not able to have a good work-life balance which burdens them with the stress of household and office.

For a glance, if we look at the figure, according to a survey by the national mental health survey of India, in 2016 “one in every 20 Indians are suffering from depression”.  The burden of mental health conditions was measured in 2017 and it stated that 44.9 million people were suffering from anxiety issues. The situation has further worsened all thanks to the pandemic and lockdown conditions prevailing in the country.

How can you judge your mental health?

Some of the signs of affected mental health are changed sleep patterns, anxiety, overthinking, feeling worthless and underconfident and you remain quiet or withdrawn from the world or surroundings.

So, what’s the way ahead? To seek help for yourself is completely normal. One should directly take emotional counselling for himself. If he is suffering from any such symptoms. Because when you are not feeling emotionally well all the work and routines of your life get disturbed.

A solution to cater for the needs of people: Emotional counselling

Emotional counselling is a human-centred talking between the person and the therapist which helps the person to distress in their life from the problems. Emotional counselling is a service through which a person is made comfortable with the environment to help him speak for himself, about what he is actually stressed about. In response, the therapist understands the problem without any judgement being made. And makes him feel comfortable and more relieved and helps him gain confidence in his life and suggests some way out of the problems. There are a lot of ways in which emotional counselling can help you with mental well-being.

  • Dealing with stress: Mental health issues also bring stress with them, and stress can cause you illness. A person half stressed is relieved if he talks to someone and shares his problems. And when you air out your problem without being judged it helps you alleviate your mood and reduce stress. Emotional counselling with the therapist will make you find a solution to your problem.
  • Help you to heal: The therapist makes you comfortable with the situation that yes you have a problem and you start accepting it. This helps you to fade away all that has caused you problems in the past. And make space for a fresh start for your present and future. Counselling can help you find what triggered you in the past and find a solution to not let that thing overpower your peace again. It suggests ways to engage in the activities that can help you to come out of the situation and start fresh.
  • Understands you: When you are already stressed with many things and dealing with mental health. You just find a person who can relate to you and understands you without any judgements. When you take an emotional counselling therapist or the counsellor is your saviour, he helps you find ways for the problem and empathise with you. As you share your situation with him, he tries to find the cause and ways to solve the issue.
  • Face challenges effortlessly: Just another way in which counselling can help you is to face the challenges effortlessly. When you take therapy from a therapist, they help you to identify the cause of your mental health and which habit of your is inclining you to that way. And further, help you to face challenges in life by making decisions and improving your habits.
  • Change your behaviour: Sometimes it’s our behaviour that leads us into the trap of mental illness. When we get the counselling done and discuss our problems and situation with someone who is not there to judge us but to understand us it helps us to gain better knowledge of ourselves. In this way, we can identify the habits that are affecting us the most and creating more problems and by the guidance of the counsellor, we can improve our habits and make an overall positive change in life.
  • Gain confidence: its human nature of doing compare and getting jealous of others. There are a lot of things that we don’t like about ourselves which leads us to ignore even the good things in us. This leads us to lower self-confidence. Through the counselling session, we learn to accept ourselves and love ourselves first. This way you will be able to build upon your strength and gain more confidence.

Everyone in his life deals with problems and has stress, but we must not let that overpower us. But if you need to discuss some things about our life and you are experiencing any symptoms of mental illness. You should definitely seek the help of a counsellor it is completely normal. At CuroMinds, we provide emotional counselling services, easily available to anyone who needs them. Our experts have delivered their services to the people and they have seen effective results and gained confidence in their life. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at CuroMinds.

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