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Introduction to CuroMinds

CuroMinds is that Counselling platform where modern sciences meet humanity and empathy.

How CuroMinds will help you?

With thousands of seemingly equivalent options available to College and University students, it’s easy to get confused and at times, make the wrong career decision. This is where CuroMinds’ career Counselling for students comes, guiding students to recognize their unique skills and become career oriented decisively. But career decisions aren’t the only dilemmas the students go through.

With increasing competition, peer pressure has been taking a toll on students’ mental and emotional health.

–  Your friend getting a better job than you

–  Your friend getting their dream job before you

–  Your peer getting through an interview, while you don’t

These are examples of how peer pressure can impact emotional stability, causing one to give up on themselves or take rash decisions. CuroMinds team uses multiple modern and scientific methods to formulate a positive, result-oriented approach for your career as well as emotions.

CuroMinds provides result-oriented career Counselling online under three categories i.e.

  • Self-Exploration where the clients find out about their interests and skills and get clarity about their future ventures. By looking within and connecting with themselves, they develop a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, they can cut out noise like ‘opportunities’ that don’t align with their goal or skill sets. And focus on the ones related to their career building, financial stability and enhance job satisfaction.
  • Career-Exploration is the next stage where the clients get to see the catalog of opportunities waiting for them. The career counselors provides them with an ideal career road map so that they can narrow down the options and choose what is the best for them.
  • Planning and preparation in which students begin working on their action plan after clearing their uncertainties and ambiguities. They talk to a career counselor about their aspirations and come away with a clear image of their future and employment status.

In a nutshell,

What makes CuroMinds the most suitable career Counselling platform for you:

  • Skills enhancement courses like “Amogham” to increase soft and employability skills
  • Counselling sessions for developing problem solving skills
  • Gives attention to students’ emotions and dreams, and understands the hurdles in their career path.
  • Using tested modern and scientific methods for career and emotional Counselling
  • Breaking negative behavioral patterns like procrastination, carelessness, pessimism, indecisiveness, etc.

Most importantly, CuroMinds (known for professional counselling) understands you as a human. Once joined CuroMinds, you can open up about your obstacles, staying assured that together we’ll figure out what’s right for you and what makes you feel right. Arriving at a combination of appropriate career decisions as well as emotional stability might be hard but not impossible. And at CuroMinds we encourage you to reconsider your current career decisions, to cross verify your own choices. Thus, after each session with CuroMinds, you’ll be able to visualize yourself a step closer to your dream career.

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