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Why Career Counselling Is Your Surest Route To Professional Success!

Career Counselling Is Your Surest Route to Professional Success!

Just give it a thought, how many professions do you know? And you can recall them.

Just 10 or a maximum of 15? But do you know there are more than 250 career options and 5000 job types in India that people can choose.

What can help in this situation is the right guidance from the right person. Whenever you go and purchase a new item you always take the opinions of some known people. Especially in India, every big decision is taken by consulting many people, like buying mobile phones cars, laptops, etc. but when it comes to making decisions for your own self. Why do you take it so casually?  Who guarantees you that the decision will be all right and you will end up on a successful career path. No one right?

Everyone has their own ability and capability and you need to understand this clearly at the earliest. You need to analyse what is your area of excellence and the area you lack and then make a perfect choice. If you want to minimise the risk in your professional life, then you should definitely take up career counselling from the best career counselling in Jaipur. Curo Minds help students and professionals to clear their career-related doubts. And help them to choose the right career path for them.

Let’s find out how career counselling is the surest route for your professional success:

  • Bringing clarity: As already discussed there are more than 250 career options available in India and students know only a handful of opportunities available to them. Rather than going on your intuition or following your friend what is better is to take up career counselling. Career counselling helps to get clarity on your potential strength and interest. And help us to be in a career which interests us.
  • Helping to frame a career path: choosing one career for yourself is not enough you should know how to reach your long-term goal. In this career, counsellors help the student analyse the choice of colleges and courses available to them, and help to make the right choices. They also help the students to develop their personalities and gain skills which could further add up to their progress in meeting their long-term goal.
  • Right guidance: there are ample resources to do your research for your career choices. But there is no guarantee that the course is truly meant for you or not. Rather than being your well-wisher, career counsellors are your true guiders. They help you to make the best decision and not take random decisions, or follow the advice of some relatives. Which will put you at risk.
  • Reduce misunderstanding between parents and children: In India, there is a big role played by parents in students’ career choices and often it pushes the child in the wrong direction and they end up at a place where returning back is difficult. A career counsellor helps the students so that their parents are convinced of their children’s choice and help the parents to know about their children’s interest so that they can be embraced.
  • Keeps you updated about career choices: COVID-19 has changed everything; we never knew digital would be the new learning partner for us. But it became. Before covid hit there was already a transformation of AI going on. And it is estimated that future jobs are still not known by anyone. Career counsellors are experts in the field they help you to choose wisely the career based on its growth and scope.
  • Help you guide on your specific problems: if I go on any search engine and search for how to become a writer. It will very generalised results. And a lot of information which is not applicable in my case, but I will surely get misconnected by it. Some students face some financial crunches. To cater to this need career counsellor guide you on how you can manage and avail different financing options, and the scholarships available. How you can pursue your dreams freely and save your precious year.
  • Help reduce your career-related anxiety: It’s not always possible you will convert the first interview; you will see failures also. With this fear people take up backup options and choose that instantly rather than trying again. But you a have career counsellor to improve you and help maintain your confidence throughout. They will help you improve on your mistake and improve you for the next interviews.

Are you also confused about taking up career counselling? Just don’t give it a second thought just reach out to us for the best career counselling in Jaipur. Curo Minds caters for both segment students and professionals for all their career-related problems and issues.

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