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5 Misconceptions About Applying for a Career Counselling

Career Counselling is not just a conversation with a career analyst or a counsellor. It is a focused process of providing expert assistance to an individual so that they can identify their career challenges and enable themselves to develop a plan to overcome those challenges. For some, career counselling appears to be a business to earn money; for some it may mean getting step-by-step direction to work in a company, getting job promotions and increments etc. but all these aren’t true. There are so many misconceptions related to career counselling online formed by people who can mislead others and as a result, they miss the opportunity to find a suitable career road map for themselves.

Some prevalent and deeply-rooted misconceptions are:

  1. Career Counsellors Are Job Hunters or Job Providers: This is one of the biggest misconceptions or myths formed by people that one just needs to go with their CV or Resume and the rest will be taken care of by the career counsellors. They will help their clients to develop interview skills and get them ready for the required job which is not true at all. A career counsellor can never guarantee a job but yes, they can support their clients in finding the right career option or job opportunity with the help of strengths & weaknesses assessment.
  2. Career Counselling is just a series of aptitude tests, that’s all!: Taking psychometric tests and the Strong Interest Inventory etc. are important components of the career counselling process but Career Counsellor’s work starts from there only. They study the report to identify one’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and skills. They provide a background for self-exploration, self-awareness, career options matching to the skills reflected in the report, and finally the discussion comes to decision making and goal setting. Career counselling in Jaipur is a responsible process that aims to clarify the picture of an ideal career and focus on the efforts needed to achieve it.
  3. Career Counselling is a One-Time Service: This is also a misconception that career counselling, taken for once, can work for a lifetime but in reality, a career counselling session can be elongated for different purposes. Few professional counselling services provide training programs too so that clients can improve themselves as per the requirement. Professionals while working in companies can come for counselling sessions to discuss their future aspirations. In fact, Psychometric tests are also categorized for different purposes like for intermediates, for graduates, for professionals etc.
  1. Career Counselling and Emotional Counselling are the same and only unstable persons require them: This mindset affects so many lives in a negative way just because people don’t care to come out of their narrow-mindedness. Going for counselling doesn’t mean one is mentally imbalanced; it shows that person’s concern about one’s own self and value towards life due to which he/she wants guidance and reassurance. It is high time for people to understand that counselling can never be destructive, it is always constructive. If a person is curious or conscious or concerned to build his future then it becomes crucial for him/her to go for Career Counselling And Guidance no matter what people assume or say.

5.     Career Counselling is only for school or college students: Career Counselling plays an integral role during the entire working life. It is beneficial not only for first-time career planners like school or college students but also for the professionals who are thinking about a career change or job switch. Career Counselling also provides assistance to retired people who want to start afresh, to the people who haven’t worked at all like housewives etc. In short, Career Counselling Courses Online genuinely helps a diverse range of individuals across different age groups and career stages.

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