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When Do You Need Career Counselling?

Right Time for Career Counselling

Career counselling is emerging as a crucial stage in people’s lives who are striving every day to achieve excellence and success. For all the curious minds, this question has become quite important that when does exactly one feel that they need best career counselling in Jaipur?  or When is the right time to take an expert’s advice in choosing a career? The perfect time for students to go for career counselling is during the ages 12-18 i.e. 8th standard to 12th standard. During this phase of life, students experience many changes in their lives, both physical and emotional like life altering transition from school to college, peer pressure, performance maintenance, attention seeking etc. It is also an important time for them to design a career road map so that they can devise plans to reach their destiny but for all of this they need someone to guide them; someone who has knowledge about existing career options and pre-requisites required for the best job opportunities.

Most of the time, parents decide the online career counselling in Jaipur and according to a survey, 51% of Indian parents priorities their child’s financial success and force them to go for a specific branch even if their child is not at all interested in the branch. It can be assumed that parents follow a hands-on approach when it comes to choosing a career for the child. Sometimes, it works without any problem but many a times, it turns out to be a complete fiasco.

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Hence, on the basis of relevant surveys and research, few signs have been identified which indicate that one needs career counselling online:

  • When the person is clueless about the goal: It is very important for a student to determine their life’s goal in the early stage as due to low self-confidence and lack of knowledge regarding the career options, they might fail to set an ideal or SMART career goals. In such scenarios, others take control of their lives and start telling them what to do even though they aren’t interested in those fields.
  • When the students have got the talent but unable to focus: In many cases, in spite of being talented and versatile, students have to face disappointment and failures just because they can’t concentrate. The time during 10th and 12th is very crucial because students need to have faith in their worth and recognise their talent in order to build a successful career.
  • When students face challenges and feel confused while choosing a career option after graduation: After graduation, students often feel restless and confused where to go and what to do because after the completion of graduation they are often left with two alternatives i.e. either to into the job market or prepare for higher education. If a student takes hasty decision without proper and expert guidance, it may lead to some risky situations.
  • When students realise that one has made a bad decision: In some cases, students try their level best to do good in their exams or jobs but end up underperforming just because of the stream or job they have chosen wasn’t right for them. in the absence of career counselling, they fail to plan their career path and couldn’t get help to reach their career destination
  • When students know what they want but don’t know how to start: There are students who know their interest but are clueless about how to turn that interest into a successful career. Due to the lack of knowledge about the courses and multiple job opportunities in the industries, they couldn’t take the right decision.

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