Emotional Counselling

How Does Emotional Counselling Help to Overcome Anxiety?

Emotional Counselling Help to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear that is a normal response to a range of different situations.

It can affect your mental health when you feel anxious every day and can’t remember when you last felt relaxed. Counselling at Curominds can help you explore the cause of these feelings, understand them and suggest ways of dealings with situations. The counsellor at Curominds can help you learn how to cope with anxiety.

What causes anxiety?

“Anxiety stems from our ‘flight or fight’ response. This happens when our body feels as if it’s in danger,” says Caz Binstead, a counsellor based in London. The fight or flight response is an automatic reaction which we have no control over. Our bodies release hormones, such as adrenaline to make us more alert. Normally when the threat has gone our body triggers different chemicals to help us relax. We will calm down after the adrenaline rush. However, with the anxiety fight or flight response, this tends not to happen. We habitually read fearful situations as if they are dangerous. “We think there’s a danger, but there’s not. That’s when we become anxious,” she adds. “Part of our human response is problem solving. We want to know what we need to do to stop the situation that’s making us anxious. But actually our anxiety builds up even more. “Different people can react differently to different situations. One person may get anxious because they think their boss has given them a funny look. But another person wouldn’t be bothered by it.” Talking to a counsellor can help you understand what particular situations in your life are causing your anxiety. People can also become anxious about their anxieties, for example the anxiety someone faces ahead of travelling on a London underground train at rush hour, because they know that being on the crowded train makes them feel anxious.

How does counselling help with anxiety

A counsellor can support you to explore what you’re going through and why you feel as you do.

They can help you find ways to overcome your anxiety that, specifically, work for you.

  1. The process, obviously, begins with the counsellor at Curominds trying to engage in a healthy dialogue and trying to lay down a strong foundation of a working relationship with the client. The establishment of the rapport ensures the client a sense of ease to open up – slowly and steadily. The success of this first crucial step determines the success and achievement of counselling goals.
  2. As the client interacts with the counsellor and opens up, the understanding about the problem becomes clearer. The counsellor at Curominds uses different techniques of assessment such as observation, initial interview, case history and use of psychological tests to help in the assessment of the problem.
  3. Effective counselling relies on setting appropriate and realistic goals, building on the previous stages. The goals must be identified and developed collaboratively, with the client committing to a set of steps leading to a particular outcome.
  4. The next step after setting of goals is to select the counselling techniques and strategies to be used for achieving those goals. Depending on the client’s nature and personality, and the feasibility, the strategies are decided.

CUROMINDS, – a Emotional Counselling services in Jaipur offers the opportunity to change by establishing specific goals, improving their coping skills, promoting decision making, and improving relationships across life domains, with the help of experts.

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