Career Counselling

How Does Career Counselling Help in Choosing the Right Branch for You?

It is natural to feel confused, lost and stuck during a stage such as this. This is where career counselling comes in. It can help in choosing the right branch for you by employing the interest, skill and aptitude combination.

The process of career counselling includes five steps, according to Magnusson. They are: initiation, exploration, decision-making, preparation, and implementation. As a student, best career counselling will begin with psychometric assessment, which will help you in knowing your strengths and weaknesses better. Not only will it help you to discover the courses you perform best at, it will also identify whether your strengths are in alignment with your interests.

It is very common for students to hate the subjects they have chosen after some time or entirely drop them. This leads to feelings of frustration and demotivation. To avoid such circumstances, career counselling is crucial.

A career counsellor will assist you in carefully assessing the importance, strengths, scope and limitations of each branch for you so that you can make an informed decision. Complete guidance from a qualified career counsellor greatly facilitates this process.

The value of counselling goes beyond only helping students choose their courses; it also includes giving them a thorough strategy and action plan that they must follow. The counsellor will give the pupils all the necessary knowledge and help them develop a good outlook.

Furthermore, a career counsellor will separate the role of parents from making your life’s decision for you. India, as a nation, is filled with students who are forced to take up certain courses by their parents. Career counselling entirely eliminates that aspect.

Finally, career counselling online works by implementing strategies and guiding you in developing a long-term action plan for your future. This is imperative because simply choosing a branch without keeping an eye on your future isn’t helpful in the long run. You need to keep all aspects in mind. Answering the question of whether you see yourself invested in the field later is complex and involves self-awareness which a counsellor can help you bring within yourself.

Thus, measuring all the pros and cons and taking time in making the right decision whilst selecting a branch is of utmost importance. At CuroMinds, we guide you by looking at your academic options and working with you in identifying you interests, skills and values. You can rely on our trained professionals to figure out the best decisions for your career.

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