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Signs That You Are Ready to Approach a Career Counsellor

An individual’s career is one thing that requires careful and conscientious planning and execution among other principal aspects of life. However, it’s quite natural to get stuck in a cycle of thought patterns and an inability to take skilled action in order to determine your career. Making mistakes, second guessing your passions and decisions as well as your abilities is more than common. You might even reach the conclusion that you need to transition from one job to another, considering the fact that you have been devoting your time and energy towards it as a consequence of external influence and you never exhibited any interest in it in the first place. Whatever the reason, everyone experiences these feelings at some point or the other in their career, making it important to seek a career counsellor. The career counsellor at CuroMinds can assist you in making informed decisions about your professional future.

Here are 7 signs that reflect that you need and are ready to approach a career counsellor:

  1. You’ve graduated and starting a new life.

Graduation, be it high-school or college, is a period of transition that can bring with it a feeling of anxiety mixed with enthusiasm. You might feel lost and stressed about the direction in which to drive your career, which if not dealt with, can lead to feelings of hopelessness. Maybe you realize you haven’t yet tapped into your own potential and interests. This is where career counselling online comes in. It works by exploring areas for personal and professional growth, alongside identifying and assessing your strengths, skills and education.

  1. You wish to develop skills that align with your goals.

You are aware of your strengths and interests but find it difficult to shape them into skills that will help you step into the increasingly competitive working world.

  1. You are seeking a change in your career path.

You are in the middle of your career and have been working in a sphere for quite some time but feel that it doesn’t suit your interest any longer. You might be experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness and your lack of interest has begun to affect your work.

  1. You need help creating your personal brand.

You want to make the best of your resume and wish to be trained for interviews to bring out your utmost potential. Maybe you lack confidence, maybe you lack knowledge with regards to the job market, interviewers and necessary skills required. In order to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive professional world, you decide to go for guided career counselling.

  1. You have multiple interests and wish to narrow them down.

It often happens that our interests seem to change as we grow, especially as we interact with the world. College is a place where one finds the opportunity to put the trial and error method in practice. It’s not necessary that one has a fixed interest that they can see honing for the rest of their lives. Especially in the post-modern world, it’s becoming increasingly common to have multiple passions, desire to learn a set of different skills and it is naturally beneficial to an individual. However, it’s quite easy to get caught up in a whirlpool of your interests and not know how to build up on them, Moreover, you need to engage in the difficult task of choosing one path for yourself – considering the fact that continuous shifts in mind-set and career paths will prove to be detrimental in the long run.

  1. You need to find your niche along with a deeper understanding of the job market.

You realize your potential and interests. Maybe you’ve looked into jobs that have caught your attention. But you’re not sure what job might be the best fit for your profile, what requirements a certain job possesses and if you can be proficient in that particular field.

  1. Your career seems to be going nowhere.

You’re in the middle of a career that you hoped will help you drive up the ladder but it has become stagnant and there seems to be no advancements whatsoever, making you lose confidence and motivation in your present career.

Although best career counsellors at CuroMinds serve to help you navigate the trajectory of your career, it isn’t wise to expect them to do your job for you. The road to starting a career depends primarily on you and the work that you put in. The career counsellor at CuroMinds can help you gain clarity, strengthen your skills and encourage you but in the end, it’s a two-way street. That is, cooperation with your counsellor in order to maximize your prospects is crucial.

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