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Why Is Career Counselling Need of The Hour?

Career Counselling is the guidance for students to choose the right career for them. In today’s scenario where the competition is getting tough and there are fewer opportunities available, one needs to fight and stand out from the crowd to be in his desired job, and choosing the wrong path and compromising on your career by seeing other factors, can be a nightmare. So it’s important to analyse where you stand, what interests you, and what skills you have which would help you grow and contribute to the company’s success.

Give it a thought,

Why do we always believe that if a child is good at science has to become a doctor in the future?

Why do we fill the children’s minds that if they are good in accountancy they have to be future chartered accountants? Why can’t he do management studies?

Because students don’t have enough guidance they go by their parent’s beliefs, and they get stuck at a point in their careers. It’s very important to understand that each person is unique, what your uncle’s son is doing is not a compulsion for you to do. You have a different skillset from others. To remove this problem for students their parents need to show them the way to a counsellor who can help them choose the best for them. The counsellor listens to the student’s interests and his experience and uses various tools and tests which help the student to get stability in their career and go for the path in which he gets success. Here are some reasons why is career counselling should be taken up by students:

  • Choosing the best path of education:

Choosing the educational path for yourself is one of the critical decisions one has to take in his life. It can even take up you to your goal or make you lost in the crowd. These days there is an ample number of institutes and universities offering an end number of courses, by which student gets confused. Their marketing campaigns are so much alluring that anybody can be tricked easily. So it’s important to have the right guidance in your life. By taking up career counselling sessions you can make it the right way.

  • Understand our competencies:

Experts in the respective field do career counselling for students. They use different tools and tests to analyse the student’s competencies and the area in which he lacks. Our experts at Curominds are specifically catering to the student’s needs and preferences and delivering them needful. When the student is well aware of his strengths he can deliver his best in that field and further work upon the areas in which he lacks.

  • Provide clarity on career-related confusion:

Life is all about failing, standing up and again doing the right work. Everyone in their life fails once in their life. Post that it’s important to again stand and not sit with the burden of failure. Do you know that every management student dreams of going into an IIM for his MBA? But in reality, around 2 lakh students appear for CAT (common admission test) and there are only approx. 3400 seats available including all the new and old IIM. When the student is not able to get to his desired college he is stuck, either try again next year or settle for another institute? This is where experts can help you by guiding you to the best path suitable according to your competencies.

  • Brings stability in thought:

Career counselling is not limited to counselling students after the 12th when they pass their board examination, but that’s not true. Education is ongoing for life. And anyone can face problems at any point of time in their career. And career experts can be their saviour for them. According to a survey by LinkedIn: 82% of the Indian workforce is planning job change in 2022. This is due to various reasons, some have low job satisfaction, some are not able to balance their work life and personal life, and some are attempting a career change. Best Career counselling in Jaipur can help you guide to the field which suits you the best and also shows you the best path which can lead you that way. Like the courses and certifications which you can do to further advance in your field.

  • Helps to stay ahead of the competition:

These days the opportunities which interest you the most are becoming less. And you to be competent enough to grab the opportunity and stay ahead of the competition. Everyone out there is completing his 12th with above 90% grades and also graduating with a nice CGPA. What matters is the extra effort that you have given for yourself, which will prove that you are capable of getting this job. For this expert’s consultancy is important they guide you for undertaking different projects, internships, and certification which holds credibility and help you to stay ahead in the competition with confidence.

In all, these points specifically prove that everyone at some point in time is stuck with his career choices. And with the amount of stress he has, leads them to take the bitter decision in life which leads to wastage of time, money and energy. And also lowers the confidence of students. It’s better to take expert advice rather than following some of your cousins or your other school seniors on their path of careers. It may be the case that both of you differ a lot in your strengths. And you may not succeed on the path where he is succeeding. So it’s important to make crucial decisions in life under expert guidance. Curominds provides career counselling in Jaipur and caters to the needs of each and every group which helps them to be on the right path in their career and succeed.

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