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Importance Of Career Counselling After 12th Standard

Choosing the right path for yourself without any pressure is a big problem faced by a student these days. To avoid getting sleepless nights after 12th class it’s important to take up career counselling, it will help and guide you to the path of your interest. Career counselling is a roadmap for a lost traveller, as a student is confused between the number of choices available but doesn’t know where to go to reach his goal. Counselling will help pave a defined career path to reach his specific goal.

In India more than 14 lakhs students appeared for NEET, 11 lakhs+ students give IIT exam and more than 21 thousand students appeared for CA foundations right after high school

But do all of them get it converted?

No! only 24% of students who appeared for CA foundation after 12th could make it to the next level.

Here is where Career counselling in Jaipur plays a crucial role in a student’s life. it works in a structured way and helps you to choose between the options that are available to you based on your interests, capabilities, and personality that is derived through a psychometric test. Curominds counselling helps the student to get the best for them and makes them more confident to choose their path effectively. Some of the reasons to choose to counsel after high school is:

  • Getting into the right stream: Have you also experienced that one of your cousins listened to his parents and went on for medical studies but failed! It is very important to choose what interests you and not what your parents want you to become. Everyone has their own pace and level of intellect and not everyone can be best suited in any field. As we understand time is money and we can’t regret afterwards taking a bad decision now. Career counselling helps you to get into the field which is fruitful for you knowing your capabilities and interests.
  • Making your own decision: Usually the decision to choose your stream largely depends on the college and course that your friends choose. But can we give it a thought again? This is the most common mistake made by the youth these days. But it eventually leads to wastage of time and money. Career counselling helps to avoid any peer pressure that is built up and helps to choose the right path to go ahead in the future.
  • Know your strengths right: As you pass out of your high school it is difficult for a student to know their strength and competencies. Curominds helps you to know your area of excellence with the help of psychometric tests and help you make a career out of it. Our experts take care of all concerns of students and guide them in the domain they want to go in.
  • Getting aware of new opportunities: The world is growing and so are the opportunities. New fields are emerging as the technology in the world is changing. One needs to be updated with everything; to stay in the competition, otherwise outdated things are always pushed out. Career counselling experts at Curominds help you to choose the right course to get into that field. Because when you plan your journey in advance it becomes easy for you.
  • Helps plan your future: Career counselling online helps you to make a roadmap for your future. The test and assessments are taken to know your strengths and personality. Everyone at some point in time in their lives gets confused about choosing between options and as a student, it’s common, career counselling helps to clarify all your doubts regarding the streams that you want to enter and help you make the right choice. Counsellors also help you to have some choices for your future if you don’t get interested in the one you choose.
  • For expert guidance: The first thought that comes to your mind when you fall ill is to see a doctor and take medication. It’s very important to take the guidance of one who is an expert in his field. The same thought should go when you are confused in your career, as to which field is good for you. Counsellor not only knows your interests and strength but also knows the area you are weak in. it’s very crucial to take decisions wisely for your future goal.
  • To know the area of improvement: Nobody is perfect everyone has to improve on some things to move ahead in their Career. Through career counselling, you not only know your strengths and choose your path you also get to know about your weakness and the area you need to improve on. By knowing your weaknesses, you can polish up your skills to be more efficient and competitive enough to stand out in the crowd.

Taking a random decision for your life will not only whop out a lot of money but it will cost you time also. You cannot just go and take a random degree and stand nowhere to take up a job without skills. it’s important to take decisions wisely and with expert help. One can do wonders if he gets the right career counselling for students at right time. Curominds helps young high school students to make an informed decision and glow up their minds by choosing the best career suitable for them. You have only one life and you can glow it by making the best career decision. So do it wisely.

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