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Whether you’re 20, 30, 40 or any other age, the fragility and unpredictability of a career doesn’t come knocking on your door with a warning. Even a person earning a hefty salary in a reputed company might be dissatisfied with the job. And even a person with bare minimum income for survival in a startup might fall asleep with a satisfied smile at night. The differences are in their choices of career. What occupation, job profile, company, they choose for themselves depends on their career choices and how it affects them in the long run, since profession forms an integral part of life.

CuroMinds strives to be that safe place for those who are about to make career decisions. Moreover, youngsters are often observed to give up on themselves due to career dissatisfaction. This results in low self-esteem and suffering due to lack of confidence. You can often notice such individuals being emotionally unstable. CuroMinds especially focuses on guiding such individuals for their emotional well-being and help them get rid of a negative outlook.

Thus, with its motto of “One-stop solution for Career and Emotional Challenges”, Curominds understands and ensures career as well as emotional Counselling for individuals.

Career Counselling Online

Let’s come back to our highlighted point of “job satisfaction”. One might have a ‘good’ job, work in a reputed firm, earn a lot, have less number of working hours, yet be completely dissatisfied with their career. The above mentioned person would go through the exact same dilemma of not understanding how they can be unhappy with such a fulfilling job. That’s where Career Counselling or Career Guidance enters the scene. A career counselor could be any individual, generally trained to provide career information resources, discuss career development, and administer and interpret aptitude and ability tests. Unlike general notion, career Counselling and guidance is NOT JUST for students. Adults, as much as school or college students, can take career Counselling to their advantage.

Why do you need Career Counselling?

Now, it’s visible that career decisions are crucial steps. But not everyone is equipped and aware enough about the opportunities available to them. In fact, most people remain a stranger to what they actually want to do in their career.

What are their interests?

What are their skill sets?

Do their skills align with their interests?

Are they more of a digital marketer, project manager, coder or an artist?

These subtle yet significant questions are often alien to people who don’t know how to answer them. They keep on working their tails off in the wrong profession and regret that decision, years later. That’s why you might need career Counselling and guidance. Where you find a deadend to your career related questions, we open the doors for their solutions. While career Counselling guides you through taking career and profession related decisions, emotional Counselling stabilizes students’ emotional state and helps them cope up with peer pressure.

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