Emotional Counselling

Emotional Counselling: Benefits and Tips to Ace your First Session

Emotional counselling is surrounded by lots of misconceptions and disbelief. It’s often noticed that people who take up emotional counselling because of the issues they are facing in their life are considered to be a bit ‘less than’ people who are not. According to a survey WHO has estimated that 7.5 percent of people in India suffer from depressions and anxiety problems. Nevertheless, the fallacy remains the same. The disbelief and fear in people’s mind about going to the counsellor and making people believe that taking a counselling is not normal, even contribute to the stigma of emotional counselling.

People are suffering from different problems in their lives which contribute to stress and mental illness. In order to make human body function well it’s important to take care of your mental health and physical health as both of them work as one. Mental health is different from mental disorder; we have mental health for lifetime while mental disorder is categorised as disease. Counselling has a great part to do when it comes to mental health issues. Counselling is a method in which you meet the counsellor talk about your issues, without the fear of being judged or criticised. Due to fear of talking to a stranger of your issues and problem, people don’t visit the counsellor however he is the person who will care for you the most and help you in every possible way.

Types of online counselling:

CuroMinds helps people in getting solution to their problem they are facing their daily routine life. They provide services in three types of counselling namely:

  • Career counselling: These days there are ample of career opportunities available. And it’s becoming difficult for students to choose for one subject. Our counselling sessions helps them on which stream to choose and the career which they will perform their best.
  • Emotional counselling: As the life is moving forward, people are more abandoning themselves from social gathering and social media is new best friend for teens these days, but reality is harsh behind it. People are alone with many friends in accounts leading to depression. Our experts listen to the problems and give solution and guidance to them.
  • Professional counselling: Are you one of the person who are not able to maintain your work life balance? Or you are extremely dissatisfied with your current job? Curominds helps you to get a balance in your work life. And guide you to move ahead in your career.

Benefits of online emotional counselling

Online counselling is a service which help people suffering from different mental issue to get out from there. Online counselling is given through use of technology and internet people use this as a coexistence of physical counselling sessions. Here is how online counselling is beneficial:

  • Accessibility: one of the greatest benefit of online counselling is it is accessible to everyone either the person is of urban area or rural, it can help everyone. Its most beneficial to the person with physical disability who cannot come for Physical counselling.
  • Social Discomfort: While its completely normal for a person to fell mental illness and procure a counselling session, some people don’t accept it readily and online counselling can help reduce social stigma.
  • Affordable: there is a misconception that counselling is costly while the truth is online counselling is quite affordable. If you are thinking for not taking counselling just because of cost, then make it clear that Cuominds gives you best counselling service at best prices.

Things to know to make your first online counselling session most effective:

 With changing times and rapid technological advancement everyone is just a zoom call away. The same goes for help that one needs for dealing with his mental problems. While due to Covid-19 outburst the physical meeting is not possible and even avoided. The counselling session are also going on virtual modes. Following are some tips to make your sessions effective:

  • Clear your mind WHY you need online emotional counselling
  • Block some time and space separately for your online session.
  • Be comfortable because everything is kept confidential.
  • Don’t feel hesitated to ask questions
  • Be expressive in telling your problem because the counsellor cannot read your mind.

Always remember the counsellor is there to help you.

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