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When Should I Take Career Counselling

Young minds are very tender and experience an overwhelming confusion when it comes to take decisions. These aspiring minds desire to fly high and touch the acme of success in every sphere of life in a very short span of time. But, at this inadvertent pursuit of success, they end up making haste and possibly wrong decisions and misleading choices.

Counselling is an art to clear these confusions, very tactfully ensuring that the solution to the confusion or challenge is crafted not only by the expert, but cohesively worked upon. Counselor ensures that the person facing dilemmas and confusions speak from the core of his heart, and figures out a way together to land upon the most suitable choices and decisions.

Counselling is not something for which one should hesitate. Counselling is a professional guidance which comes out of rich experience in that area of interest. It is landholding a mind full of doubts to help it look through the glass and take clear and confident decisions to progress ahead in personal or professional life. Seeking Counselling is not only helpful in clearing our doubts, but also a way to progress on right direction, derived out of the professional advice based on the vast experience to understand the heart and minds. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but something which we should take for diminishing the chances of befitting situations that might occur in due course of time due to one momentary “Uninformed Decision”.

Whatever may be the problem, it can be sorted out and can be made easier by seeking an outside help. Ignoring our dilemmas, confusions, stress can lead to a serious consequence on our mind and health. Many times, due to simultaneous problems, we might lose our vision and focus to priorities the things. We do not want to discuss it with our known ones due to fear of losing trust, accountability and our “so called” image. In these circumstances, it is wise and relieving to take support of professional guidance. An expert advice and guidance can help you to regain your confidence, clarity in vision, and give you a path to move on.

It is said “A stitch in time saves nine!” Our day-to-day life challenges can be broadly segregated into few Counselling areas when we can and we should seek for professional guidance and Counselling to avoid our problems turning into a turmoil and affecting our mental health and peace. Generally, issues demanding Counselling can broadly and majorly be classified in following three main categories.

Personal Counselling

It is said that sometimes logic seem to take the back seat and emotions start controlling the wheel. It results in taking impulsive decisions which may affect the future. Personal Counselling can also be called an Individual Counselling, or the psychotherapy. Personal Counselling can help individuals deal with many personal issues like controlling anger and depression, relationship problems, handling inferiority complexes, confidence building, parenting issues, and the list goes endless. Seeking Counselling in these day to day personal and emotional challenges helps individuals to come out of their shells and face the real time situation with help of professional guidance of experts.

It is generally an overtime process in which the counselor works one-to-one with individuals in regular sessions and sittings crafting various ways to solve these life challenges and suggest ways to fix the lost puzzle pieces.

Professional Counselling

Every workplace faces internal or external challenges. Many times, there are many challenging situations which arise at our work place, for which most of us are not prepared to face and manage. The identified challenges can be finding work-life balance, managing balanced work load, dealing with the co-workers, facing and handling workplace politics, career growth, love for what we do, financial growth, customers’ demands, communication gap etc. Dealing with these professional challenges can be tedious if we do not know how to cope up with these challenges.

These situations might lead an individual to a gradual depression or frustration. Sharing our issues with family members and of course expert Counselling can give individuals a correct path to progress, and give them different perception to the workplace problems they are facing. In many cases, a problem might not be as big as it seems without a guided outlook to the circumstances.

Professional counselling may be taken as an individual counselling, but especially to deal with the workplace challenges and issues and hurdles faced being in a profession. Connecting to Expert counsellors who also have an industry experience and a corporate exposure might give an individual clarity to progress ahead and grow professionally, along-with dealing the issues.

Career Counselling Online

One right move can lead to a serious of many! Choosing a career can be a challenging task for both parents and students in lack of adequate resources and right information. Consulting and discussing your interests with experienced people can help you see through the confusions and lead you on a journey of building a successful you. We may require career guidance at some point in our lives, may it be after schooling, after graduation, after higher studies, and even in between of our current job.

Academicians and highly experienced career counsellors help individuals in deciding the branch of study and career based on their choices and interests, along with assessing the caliber of the person. What seems lucrative for somebody, might not work in same way for everybody.

Making informed decisions always lead to a better choice and selection of career in right interest of individual. Connecting with Industry experts and academicians can give the insights and perspectives unknown to us which shall definitely be helpful in making the right career choice.

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